New registered system for land containment, specially design for port docks, artificial island or seawalls, or other infrastructures.

First port in Vilanova the Arousa

26 meters high


Economics, lower cost than traditional systems, more than 20%.

Construction, Speed up to 40 % time reduction, safety and easy of instalation.

Easy to export, to anywhere in the world because of the simple machinery needed.

More ecological, because there is no requirement for dredging or improve seabed capacity.


Operating scheme

The system has simple components: Piles and Sheets between which the thrust of the ground is distributed to flexion and traction respectively.

Each material works according to its specific properties, and so leading among to an optimization of materials.

The piles have lateral guides through which the sheets slide vertically from the crown to the bedside, forming the line of the quay.

Once done the land can be backfilled and the quayside constructed

Images of Vilanova port



ECOPORTSPS Belongs to Enxa Galicia S.L. This company is dedicated to the civil engeneering and to the innovation. She has several patents rights and utility models. Continuing with the studies of the Universities of A Coruña and Santiago de Compostela, the company has a new contract with the GICEMA investigation group of the University of Santiago. The System had ben tested and optimized for great depth, up to 26 meters high.

With the execution of the first work in Vilanova and the studies of the Universities, it has been demonstrated its effectiveness and it has achieved:


  • Reducing implementation costs

    • Simple machines (piling machine, small barge, small crane), easy transportation to any country.

    • Low labor costs.

    • Less materials required (especially concrete).

    • More offsite prefabrication.


  • Reduction of deadlines

    • Lots of prefabrication.

    • More control of labor cost


  • Reducing the environmental impact

    • No requirement for dredging, as it would be when building a blocks dock or caissons.

    • Lower consumption of concrete and therefore aggregates.

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